• Career Guidance

    As you finish your SSC/HSC, the question that most weighs on your mind is, ‘what next’..? This is the million dollar question for students as well as their anxious parents.
    There are more than 2000 career options out there! There are more than 50 options of diploma and other courses after SSC and over 400 degree courses after HSC. With such an overwhelming number of options available, it is natural to get confused about the right career choice.
    The Career Guidance Centre at Swaraj Edutech will guide you in a friendly way in choosing the most suitable career option. Based on your aptitude, your career aspirations and your dream for being successful in life, we help you choose the best-fit course or program.
    Our Career Guidance Centre is equipped to easily provide detailed information about the top universities, their centers of learning, overview of over 1000 schools and colleges, facilities and other support resources. If you desire to appear at one of the various competitive exams (State or Center level) like MPSC, UPSC, SSB, Police Recruitment, among others, our Career Guidance Specialists will assist you appropriately in this arena as well.
    The facility is available over telephone, online access as well as through a personal visit to the Center.

  • Social Activities

    Man is a social creature. We are born and raised in a society and are live in a cohesive community. As morally upright and responsible citizens, it is our duty to give back to society.
    With this conviction in mind, we, at Swaraj Edutech, inculcate a sense of social service in our academic culture. We encourage our students as well as members of staff to participate in social/community projects that eventually bring a ray of hope in the lives of the underprivileged.
    As part of our social service strategy, we organize a gamut of activities, both in Pune and far-flung rural areas. Our work spans a broad spectrum, including blood donation camps, free health check-ups, tree plantation drives, energy conservation awareness programs and workshops on adult education.

  • Cultural Activities

    Light, sound, song and dance..! Excitement fills the air as our bright students take to the stage, demonstrating their hidden talent and enjoying every single moment of it.
    Our academic calendar is marked out by an array of cultural activities. We host an annual function every year, where students demonstrate their creativity through several performances; singing, dancing, fashion shows, one-act plays, mimicry, elocution, etc. Quizzes and contests are also held, which foster healthy, positive competition among the students. These activities not only bring out the best in our students – they also enable them to break free and mingle with fellow students in a casual, carefree atmosphere.

  • Academic Activities

    We believe education stretches way beyond classroom coaching; it is an all-encompassing sphere of learning where students embellish their knowledge by participating in various activities/programs.
    With this belief, we organize various activities like GK, elocution and storytelling competitions. These events are not confined to the Swaraj Edutech campus; under the banner of Creative Educational Foundation, we organize such events in other schools and colleges as well.

  • Sports Activities

    A health mind resides in a healthy body…
    In today’s hyper competitive, stressful academic environment, it is paramount to be fit, healthy and active. Sports play a crucial role in maintaining fitness, building physical capability and fostering mental alertness. Which is why, sports are an integral aspect of the campus culture at Swaraj Edutech. We encourage sporting talent, supporting students by providing them with excellent outdoor sports facilities.

  • Other Activities

    The campus at Swaraj Edutech is a beehive of exciting activity. Students enthusiastically participate in assorted activities; picnics, field visits, guest lectures, celebrating Indian festivals & traditions, welcoming the New Year (31st December) and, above all, a fun fair.
    Our students make the most of the fun fair, which extends for 2-3 days. The atmosphere is highly charged and everybody has a good time. Events like singing competitions, musical chair, dance competitions, football, cricket & badminton matches, among others, make the fun fair a truly memorable annual occasion to be cherished for a long time.

  • College Magazine

    Shikshan Samrat, the quarterly Newsletter of Swaraj Edutech, takes the reader on a captivating journey of useful information that touches the educational world.
    Students, faculty and experts from academia contribute to the Newsletter, turning it into a valued volume filled that makes for interesting reading. It offers a thoughtful compilation of well-researched articles and expert analysis, voicing opinions on policy decisions vis-à-vis academia.
    Insightful content, eye-catching design and superb quality printing make the Newsletter a reliable resource for our students. It offers them a wealth of useful information on competitive exams, job opportunities and entrepreneurship development, among other topics of interest.